I Love U Glitter Babyz Dreamia Stardust Baby Doll


About this product

  • BEAUTIFUL RAINBOW BABY DOLL - Each baby has a unique personality expressed in its style. Dreamia Stardust has rainbows in her eyes, on her t-shirt, and decorating her bottles and pacifier. On top of that, she has pink hair too!
  • 3 MAGICAL COLOUR CHANGES IN ICE COLD WATER - Glitter Babyz's hair colour changes every time you bathe her, the shampoo bottle and juice bottle each change colour as you add ice-cold water. The fun colour-changing magic never stops! (bathtub not included)
  • THE PLAY NEVER ENDS - The Glitter Babyz can be posed into so many cute, cuddly, and playful positions. Keep your dolls sparkly magic alive by taking care of her by feeding, changing, and bathing her. With so many things to do, the play never ends
  • LOTS OF FUN - Includes a sparkly baby doll with colour-changing hair, a removable T-shirt, a glittery reusable diaper, a pacifier, a magical colour-changing juice bottle, and a magical colour-changing shampoo bottle
  • COLLECT THEM ALL - There are 4 different Glitter Babyz Dolls for you to adopt. Solana Sunburst, January Snowflake, Lila Wildboom, and Dreamia Stardust are ready for you to bring them home


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